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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

On my way for skulls, a path to glory chronicle

Hi ! As usual, Games Workshop and The Black Library offer some nice stuff around Christmas in The Advent calendar . And this year, I was really pleased to see some old rules adapted to the Age Of Sigmar : The Path To Glory (Still avaible here).

I can't renember exactly when, but I think the rules were published in some White Dwarf issues in the early 2000 (?) .

The original cover with Engra Deathsword, Butcher of Praag...

And the new one, less attractive, but the main one is in the content 

So... a new year... new rules... new reasons to cut, glue and paint some plastic... Well I'm in !

One other point, and not a small one, is the new GW "Lowcoast" boxes :

39 minis for 160€... instead of 220€ ... well done, good deal !

And the last point... what some friends began to do with the Chaos goodies showed in the excellent "The Convertorum" from my friend Johan... Both Jeff Vader (Nurgle), Nordic (Tzeentch), Alexander (Slaanesh) and of course KrautScientist (Khorne) started some awesome warbands ! Please treat yourself to Chaos and have a tour here or here to admire their creations. And don't forget to keep an eye on Tommy's excellent blog to see his impressive warband.

That said, I'll roll my dices... See ya.