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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

A special featuring.... Mister Vader's warband


I'm Jeff Vader and Legatho/Manu has kindly asked to present my chaos related warhammer stuff on this fabulous blog. I mostly focus on 40k but have recently done quite a few fantasy themed models. There's something that makes chaos more compelling in the fantasy setting - purer somehow. 

We start with my nurglii warband, led by the egregious champion Mawgut Gloop.

His lieutenant Skytho Spasmodius and standardbearer Fladdrus Flatulus. 

A heavily mutated chaos thug (or beastman - it's hard to tell) and two chaos gobbos who have sort of just tagged along.

When the winds of magic grow strong they're also joined by the daemon Poxgut. 

There's also a third chaos warrior in the works, plans for more beastmen and a big guy or two -perhaps a heavily converted minotaurs or chaos trolls. Or one of each. 

So that's the Nurgle part of my foray into the Realm of Chaos. 
But I've also started work on a rival tzeentchean warband. The only model done so far is the Champion Mandragore Warpfeather. 

I'm taking a lot of inspiration from Realm of Chaos: Lost and the Damned for these two projects. The idea is to create warbands with an oldschool feel but mainly built from the new plastics. 

Hope you all dig!

/Jeff Vader

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  1. Thank you mate for sharing your fantastic work with us !

  2. Wow, awesome work Jeff! Great to see you on here, weirdly enough I was just talking to these guys about doing just what you're doing with these warbands, plenty of inspiration for going down that route myself!

    1. Thanks mate! Glad to be a source of inspiration!

  3. Awesome work, great colour pallette and really cool models! Brilliant!

  4. Great stuff and I love the old school names.

  5. Oh yeah. This is the shit! This is inspiring stuff.