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Friday, 31 July 2015

Loki on undead mechanical dragon by Julian Bayliss

This was an idea to give Loki an equal footing against Thor in a physical fight. I wanted to create a mount for him to lead his armies against those of Odin.
I could have spent alot more time creating this, but i made it when i was in the middle of my project and eager to get onto the next models! So the conversion is simple and not immediately noticable.
The main part fot the undead mechanical dragon, created by the chaos dwarfs for loki, is the heldrake.
I used the Spare head i had from the zombie dragon kit, added 2 dragon wings in amongst the mechanical ones and put a bone tail on the end, also one or 2 smaller details to embellish it.
I used the vampire torso from the same kit and the horned head of the chaos lord from the metal juggernaut kit. I liked the idea to make Loki more evil in appearance, so wanted the horns to be growing from his head rather than being part of an elaborate helmet. This is warhammer after all!
I didn't spend long on the conversion as i had lots of other projects i wanted to get on with.
My school report for this, Good, but could do better! Lol


  1. You sir, is a great inspiration! You make me want to create. Been wanting to see your Thor inspired army ever since you mentioned it when we emailed around a year ago. Hope all is well. All the best /Tony Granlien

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  3. Awesome work, Julian! For something that you didn't spend long on it's damn impressive! I love how you've made the Heldrake work in a fantasy sense. Tough model to do that with.

  4. Thanks for your comments, Tony and Jordan, really appreciate them! Good to hear from you Tony! Glad i have inspired you, now start creating and sharing your work! Luv to see some.
    Got lots more pics to share, but i'm trying to spread them out a bit! Lol

  5. You have been busy Julian! Seems I've got some catching up to do as always lol. Excellent work by the way, even if it was only a quick conversion. . .

  6. Thanks Gabe, i only meant it was quick because i didn't do my usual hacking so the parts are unrecognisable! Lol