Fear me mortals, for I am the Anointed, the favoured Son of Chaos, the Scourge of the World. The armies of the gods rally behind me, and it is by my will and by my sword that your weakling nations shall fall.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Armoured Might...

Hello All,

Thought I'd better through my hat in the ring...

I've decided with all the awesome muscled barbarians and insectile mutants  cavorting around, I would focus on the heavily armoured aspect of The Dark Gods. 

Quite a simple yet effective conversion of the new Age of Sigmar Khorne Warrior. 

Looking forward to a massive bits rummage at the weekend to add some more sinister cohorts to join him. 



  1. Great! Had an idea to use shields and you beat me to it! Looks ace!

  2. Pwah! He looks brutal, man! Great little effective conversion. Can't wait to see him painted and what else you have in store!

  3. Replies
    1. Not sure yet Manu. Just going to see where the bits take me :)