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Monday, 3 August 2015

A non chaotic step into the Age Of Sigmar

I'm havin a short break with chaos and start paintting some sigmarites.... in oxyde colours....

Thinking of them as the Emperor Qin's army of terracotta soldiers or the Golden army from Hellboy 2 .... they were "sleeping" for centuries waiting for the Age Of Sigmar...

Now that they are painted, they make me almost like the Atlanteans, hauled out to fight. 

I'm very pleased with the result... You want the same scheme? Here's my step by step tutorial :

Step one, the base colours:

Step 2 Seraphim Sepia on the gold, the purity seal and the brown, 
Leviathan purple + medium on the blue

Step 3 Highlight with shining gold 

Step 4 Nuln oil on the blue and Reikland fleshshade on the purity seal

Drybrush of Ryza rust on the hammer, Nihilakh oxide on the rest of the mini

And I use the same for the shields.... Enjoy !


  1. Wow, fantastic squad of minis! Don't think i will see any of these that i like more than these!
    Excellent tutorial Manu, that oxide stuff is ace!
    Great work mate, luv it!

  2. Just keep looking at these Manu! Had to leave another comment, these are so cool! The whole idea about them being in slumber until needed is genius!

  3. So glad you love them mate... It's the first time, as far as I can renember that I'll do an army without kitbashing anything.... until now.... maybe later....